La Grande Roue de Paris (R60)

This Observation Wheel is a giant transportable ferris wheel. Originally placed in paris, france for the 2000 millennium celebrations.Its most famous guest at that time was Mr. Jacques Chirac (President of France at the time) who visited the wheel using the VIP gondola that was specially designed for this purpose. Due to the huge success Roue de Paris stayed at this spot for 2 years and many visitors ejoyed the beautiful view.

This nostalgic 60m Observation Wheel premiered in Rimini-Italy during 2013 to 2015 giving an iconic presence in the city with panoramic views of the seaside and the city.

TECHNICAL DATAspecifications
Wheel Height60m
Wheel Diameter52m
Height Main Axle29m
Number Of Gondola42
Number Of Spokes21
Base Width25m
Base Depth20.45m
Load Per Gondola8 persons
Hourly Capacity1500 persons
Loading Mode 3 or 6 gondola at a time

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