Freij Entertainment have a variety of Dodgem Car Rides. The popular Dodgem/Bumper Cars is a must have family amusement ride at any event. The dodgem has electric cars taking up to two people per car accelerating 6mtr per second as the driver is secured in a car with a seat belt allowing the rider to drive around a floor bumping into other cars with pneumatic rubber tires around the car which minimizes and absorbs the impact. The ride consists of a rectangular flat metallic floor (track) with a raised perimeter walkway incorporating barriers on their inside designed to contain the cars on the track. A single foot operated pedal switch when operated by the driver of the car connects the single D.C. motor, fitted at the front of the car, to the D.C. supply. Releasing the foot pedal removes the electrical power allowing the car to freewheel to a standstill. A great addition to any event.

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